Arlington Spaces: WJLA-TV

The Twin Towers (located at 1000 and 1100 Wilson Boulevard) have long been the iconic architectural anchor of Arlington’s Rosslyn skyline. With the silver and glass exterior buildings majestically rising 31 stories over the Potomac River, there are no grander views of Washington, D.C., Arlington National Cemetery and the myriad of monuments and memorials. In addition to amazing views; however, the space is also home to some amazing work. Home to WJLA-TV, employees in the Twin Towers are working [literally] around the clock in one of the most unique spaces in the entire County.

Measuring approximately 75,000 square feet on the 6th floor (the only contiguous space to span both buildings of the Twin Towers), the WJLA-TV newsroom is an amalgamation of cubicles, workstations, broadcasting equipment, high-tech lighting, television sets, and hundreds of monitors and screens. The buzz of activity is palpable as hundreds of workers are jabbering on phones, behind television cameras, pushing knobs within glass-enclosed control rooms, or glued to monitors. On the particular day we toured the newsroom, activity was relatively light, but at any given moment the next political scandal, three-car smashup on the beltway, or birth of a panda cub would once again churn this hub of activity into frenzy.

The newsroom is shared by WJLA, the ABC affiliate for the Washington region, as well as sister cable channel NewsChannel 8. Boasting the largest news team in the area, WJLA employs more than 40 on-air staff. Also cohabitating the newsroom is Politico, the journalism organization covering American politics. Beginning with a modest staff of only 40 in 2007, there are now more than 280 Politico employees reporting, photographing, opining, writing, broadcasting, and researching all things White House and Capitol Hill. With all three entities working full-tilt, the packed newsroom is definitely one exciting place to work.

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