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It’s not a mystery why more than 40 of Arlington’s hottest startups call the Rosslyn location of ÜberOffices home. "Über" by definition means outstanding or supreme, and that is what ÜberOffices delivers in providing an ultra-cool and collaborative work environment for burgeoning companies vying to be the next “big thing.” On a recent visit, we were reminded once again how today’s workplaces are evolving.

Let's start with the overall feel -- clean, lean, and smart. With unfinished concrete floors and 90% of the walls glass or white washed, there is an edgy, slightly unfinished atmosphere. Much like the companies being built there every day, it's a work in progress.

Every hardworking entrepreneur needs a little creative outlet. For that, Über has a game room area with flat screen televisions, a foosball table, Xbox, cornhole and ring toss in case anyone's up for a quick pick-up match. And it's not like you would even distract fellow coworkers, because you can step outside onto Über’s huge outdoor patio. If the competition heats up, lounge chairs and patio furniture are provided for spectators.

But it's not all fun and games. ÜberOffices and its denizens strictly adhere to the work hard/play hard mentality. Companies can opt to work in their own office space (rented by the month), or from the communal "touchdown" space.

ÜberOffices serves not just as a place for entrepreneurs to work, but also as a gathering ground for great ideas. The space hosts some of the region’s most innovative groups like Rails Girls, DC Night Owls, NextGenAngels, among others, and even garner political interest by recently hosting Senator Mark Warner on #StartupDay.

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