Arlington Spaces: Opower

We have highlighted Opower several times before as this fast-growing, Arlington-based, energy efficiency technology company continues to take the “Clean and Green Technology” industry by storm. At the risk of sounding like proud parents, it’s been amazing to see how this company has grown from a handful of smart people to more than 400 employees in just six years. Opower’s  offices now span the globe, with locations in San Francisco, London, Singapore, and Tokyo, yet the headquarters remains right here in Arlington. While most of the press has marveled about the company’s latest technological breakthroughs, or the number of new energy utility clients, or the millions of homes reached in the United States and abroad, or the hundreds of millions of dollars customers have saved, or the billions of kilowatt hours saved, our write up today is focusing on how great a place Opower is to work and the cool and innovative offices they have set up here in their Arlington home.

Occupying several floors in Courthouse Tower at 1515 N. Courthouse Drive, Opower epitomizes the open office concept. There’s not a cubicle in sight; rather, modern wooden desks with steel accents are artfully placed throughout. And not all have seats - some of Opower’s workers have modified their workstations to be standing desks, a trend that is quickly catching on for the health conscious. Upon entering the offices, you immediately know that grand ideas are being exchanged, and collaboration is taking place. However, in addition to great work, Opower understands that fun is also part of the work experience and sports a room for relieving some of the workday pressures by playing a quick game of ping-pong or corn hole. In addition, there is a sleek lounge area with funky furniture [that any chic club or boutique hotel would envy] where employees can have informal meetings or just hang out.

It’s not hard to understand that Opower is all about its people. Prominently displayed on one of their walls are their Company Values, including “Hire and retain the very best people.” Providing a top notch work environment is definitely a strategic piece in achieving that goal. In a 2012 interview, CEO Dan Yates stated, “I’m the CEO but what that really means is that I’m the head of recruiting. I’ve been pleased to find that being based in Arlington, we have been able to find terrific people…this has been a great place to build a company.”  (Thanks Dan. We think you and Opower are pretty great too.)

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