A Compelling Story: October #startupchat Tweet Up

My Tweet Up this month featured Carla Valdes (@CarlaMValdes) of Fortify Ventures. Fortify is an early stage investment fund that provides portfolio companies the community and capital they need to succeed.

We discussed women entrepreneurs, especially from the investor's perspective (hints to help land investors). I chose a few highlights from the chat, which you can see below. What are your thoughts? Do you think women pitch differently than men? Why do women raise less capital than men?

Jennifer Ives@IamJives
"focus on nuts-and-bolts of how to grow the biz & attract new customers" Read more http://bit.ly/1arUbNM  #startupchat


Carla Valdes@CarlaMValdes
Women r becoming more prominent & building great companies Men who missed those deals the 1st time will pay more attention. #startupchat


Jennifer Ives@IamJives 17 Oct
Have a compelling story|Know ur audience|Speak w passion & conviction| Be clear about target market|Practice,practice,practice #startupchat


Nicole Yeary@nicoleyeary 17 Oct
@IamJives @VentureBeat if we are honest with ourselves... we are new to pitching (ex-corporate) so we need practice. #startupchat


Tara Palacios@AEDBizLaunch 17 Oct
Agreed. Funding isn't coming 2 women #entrepreneurs & my thinking is we need to get out there more & collaborate #startupchat @CarlaMValdes

To follow the entire conversation, search #startupchat.  Don’t forget to join us on Twitter on the third Thursday of each month at 2:00 p.m. to be a part of this exciting and growing conversation!  And of course, for news from Arlington, Virginia and its entrepreneur community, follow me on Twitter at @iAmJives and our business investment team at @AEDBizInvest

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