5 Reasons to Attend #GovFest

  • Sep 5, 2013

Fosterly’s first GovFest event, an outdoor part mixer/part discussion/all networking extravaganza, is set for September 25. We at Arlington Economic Development jumped at the chance to be a part of GovFest because the goal of the day, to converge government and entrepreneurship, aligns perfectly with our own mission. Both the government and the entrepreneur community have great ideas about how to do business better with one another, and GovFest will give those ideas life as a place to collaborate, talk, and forge relationships to start real change.  Pipe dream? We think not.

Here are 5 reasons why you should go:

  1. It’s run by the same people that put on Day of Fosterly and run Fosterly.com, and they know how to organize an awesome event for the entrepreneurial community.
  2. Their 10 minute 101’s and How To’s in “quick chat” format will offer leave you with concise takeaways (gone are the days of the 60 minute session)
  3. It’s outside – that means an afternoon of fresh air and sunshine (beats an afternoon at the office, no?)
  4. You’ll have the chance to interact with heavy hitters like Aneesh Chopra, the 1st Chief Technology Officer of the United States…quite possibly while standing in line to ride a mechanical bull.
  5. It’s free!!

For sponsorship and partnership opportunities, or to reserve your spot at GovFest today, visit govfest.fosterly.com. See you there!

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