2017 Resolution: Less Stress, More Success!

According to Statistic Brain, at least 45 percent of Americans make at least one New Year's resolution. Of course, the number one resolution is to lose weight. For working adults, I'd like to suggest you consider working on what the American Institute of Stress identifies as the number one source of stress in our lives: workplace stress.

Normally things that stress us out at work begin with either people, company policies or organization processes that cause more problems than they solve. For many of the small business owners that I work with, they have to decide how to parse their time between delivering solutions, sales and marketing while managing their team, payroll, HR and all the other competing interests for their time. 

There is also a relationship between stress and our human ability to get motivated to actually do something. We need a certain amount of stress or anxiety about a situation in order to move forward toward change. Scientists call it "eustress," and it helps us stay motivated to get things done. For example, a looming deadline to get a report completed for organization leadership or a business owner's deadline for a proposal serve as their own motivators. The knowledge of the deadline motivates one to get the deliverable completed on time.

But how much stress is needed to push us to perform at our optimal level? We all know what is feels like when things become overwhelming. That's when the stress makes us anxious and uncomfortable. But with AED's BizLaunch, you can learn more about managing that stress. Join us on Thursday, Jan. 26 for Less Stress, More Success and learn more about how we find that point of stress perfection — motivating enough to push to you higher levels of success. That's the optimal sense of accomplishment and fulfillment at the job for many of us. 

Guest blogger Wilma Jones is a keynote speaker, author and Huffington Post contributing blogger. She's an Arlingtonian and a professional member of the National Speakers Association who helps organizations, government agencies and associations develop better workplace environments using wellness strategies to improve teamwork, productivity and build more effective leaders.  

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