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1787fp Brings Powerful Financial Tools to Your Pocket

Arlington Economic Development (AED) has chosen five emerging startups from Arlington to attend and exhibit with us at Collision - the nation’s fastest-growing tech conference. Collision takes place next week, from April 30 – May 3, 2018 in New Orleans. We are profiling each of the five startups this week in advance of the conference.

1787fp is a mobile-first personal financial planning app that helps you properly manage and take charge your finances. We interviewed founder, Jean Borno, to understand a little bit more about his company and what he hopes to achieve at Collision.

Describe your company in a few sentences:

1787fp builds powerful financial planning tools to track your finances, manage your investments, and monitor your credit − on one unified platform. 1787fp has a gorgeous mobile-first design that is easy to use, and 1787fp’s software is powered by blockchain technologies. 1787fp's software helps you save more money and work towards financial independence!

Brag a little: what have been your company’s biggest accomplishments recently:

  • 1787fp won the 2016 Silicon Valley FinDEVr Press Media Award | Oct. 2016
  • 1787fp was 1 of the 20 companies chosen for the SXSW Startup Spotlight | Mar. 2017
  • 1787fp showcased a groundbreaking fintech app at the TechCrunch NYC Payment and Fintech Pavilion | May 2017
  • The Technology Headlines selected 1787fp’s CEO, Jean Jacques Borno, as a 2017 Rising Executive of the Year! | Dec 2017

What are your goals for the Collision conference? Who do you hope to meet?

I would like to promote the 1787fp mobile app and meet potential investors. I would like to meet Virginia's Governor Ralph Northam, Also, I am a big fan of Al Gore, Jeff Jordan from Andreessen Horowitz, John Chambers, and Tim Draper. It would be awesome to meet these prominent executives. 

Why is Arlington a great place for your startup?

The Washington D.C. area is one of the best places to launch a startup in the world. The state of Virginia has a pro-business environment. Arlington, Virginia proximity to Washington D.C. makes it an outstanding place to build a tech company, and the Washington D.C. area has a vast pool of excellent colleges and universities to recruit talented employees, engineers, and executives. Arlington, VA has a vibrant “work, play, live environment,” so Arlington is one of the top choices for millennials to work and live!

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