Grant Recipient Information

Required Reporting  

  • The GRANT Agreement signed by all awardees requires each business to submit an electronic final GRANT report and upload supporting backup documentation. 

GRANT Submission Deadline 

  • Arlington Economic Development will email you the information you need to complete the final GRANT report in December.
  • The final report must be submitted by your business between Dec. 31, 2020 – Jan. 31, 2021

Eligible GRANT Expenses

  • GRANT funds must be used for employee salary and benefits and/or other business capital and operating expenses directly related to the immediate impacts of COVID-19. No other uses are permitted.  
  • GRANT funds may not be used for costs or expenses already covered by any grant, subsidized loan, insurance policies of any type of coverage, or any federal reimbursement or relief program.
  • Don't forget, GRANT funds must be used by December 31, 2020.  

Backup Documentation

  • As stated when you applied, GRANT recipients are required to maintain accurate and complete records of how funds are used and must provide documentation of how funds were spent as part of your final GRANT report. 
  • Backup documentation must be uploaded with the final report and could include payroll filings or copies of receipts. Receipts should include the expenditure amount, vendor and date of purchase. Electronic receipts (e.g., Venmo, 4Square, Apple Wallet, etc.) are all acceptable. If your business no longer has the receipt, a bank statement with highlighted items will be accepted if it includes the vendor name, date and time of purchase.  

Reporting For Closed Businesses 

  • We are sorry to hear that you have closed. All awardees, regardless of whether or not the business is still in operation, are required to complete a final GRANT report. Please email [email protected] and a final GRANT report will be sent to you to complete. 

Unused Funds 

  • As required by your signed GRANT guidelines, if you did not spend all or some of the GRANT funds, you must return the unspent portion to the Arlington County Industrial Development Authority. Please email [email protected] and staff will assist you with this process.  


If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 703-228-1999 or email us at [email protected].



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