Retention Services

We’re glad you chose Arlington as your business location and are committed to doing everything we can to keep you here and keep you happy. It’s never too late to speak with us about benefits for eligible businesses. Additionally, we can assist with space availability reports and the tenant build-out review process.

On-site Retention Visit

As part of Arlington's Retention Program, one of our Business Development Managers will meet one-on-one with a member of your company’s executive team to learn about your business’ needs, challenges and opportunities. We’ll then follow up with customized solutions and use your feedback to further pro-business programs and policies in the County.

Liaison Services with Other County Departments and Services

Did you know that our Business Development Managers can act on your behalf as liaisons with other County departments to streamline planning, permitting and zoning issues? 

Whether you have an issue with signage, potholes, employee transpiration needs, pedestrian crosswalks or employee recruitment, we can assist in finding solutions and getting you in touch with the appropriate points of contact from the start.

Executive Networking Opportunities

AED periodically hosts executive-level networking events, such as our Executive Speaker Series, which brings together senior level leaders from a variety of Arlington businesses to discuss current issues, receive updates on industry trends, exchange ideas, and network to create new relationships and potential partnerships.

Public Brand Building and Exposure

We can also help your business gain the attention it deserves by working with you to take advantage of key press and media exposure opportunities, attend specialized industry networking events, nominate your business for awards and assist with meeting and conference needs. 

In particular, we encourage you to participate in Arlington’s Legacy Awards. The Legacy Awards are held every spring at the Arlington Premiere as a way for the County to honor and recognize our longest standing businesses and their contribution to our community.

Valuable Industry and Marketing Research

The growth and success of your business is dependent upon up to date industry and marketing data.

Our team regularly gathers intelligence on competitive industry trends and works with County departments to develop research on emerging business trends. AED is your premiere source for economic and demographic data as well as a facilitator for business tax analyses.

Community Development Updates

Our Business Investment Group has the pulse on business and commercial development in Arlington. Contact us to learn more about new commercial development and revitalization plans, and to receive assistance with the General Land Use Plan (GLUP), Community Master Plans, and Submarket Sector Plans.

Employee and Business Relocation Information

We regularly work with businesses to make their employees’ experience working in Arlington as enjoyable and convenient as possible.

Whether it’s helping your company to become familiar with the various amenities (child care services, restaurants, meeting spaces, etc.) near you, providing maps, community tours and guides for new employees or creating tailored commuter assistance programs, we’re ready to ensure your employees get the most out of working in Arlington.

When it comes time for hiring and recruiting new employees, be sure to reach out to us so you can take advantage of our network of regional workforce partners and assistance through the Arlington Employment Center.

Support for Small Businesses, New Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, nonprofit organization, or partnering with one, AED provides one-on-one technical assistance, workshops, and research support to help individuals start and grow their organizations though our BizLaunch program.

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