Attraction Services

Arlington Intelligence

Our team possesses invaluable business and community expertise that can assist in your relocation decision-making process. We provide up to date economic data, community demographics, industry statistics, business tax comparisons, liaisons to commercial developers, and access to local and regional networking opportunities.

Space Availability Reports

In addition to Arlington-specific intelligence, we can help identify available office and sublease space in commercial buildings throughout the County that meet your search criteria.

Guided Visits for Site Selection Process

Our team will work with you to identify prospective spaces for your relocation search and lead you on guided visits to view your options and speak with brokers to get more information. As part of the guided site tour our Business Development Managers will give you a lay of the land and better feel for what makes Arlington such a unique and desirable place to do business.

Liaison Services with County Planning, Permitting and Zoning Departments

Our Business Development Managers can act on your behalf as liaisons with other County departments to streamline the planning, permitting, and zoning issues related to locating your business in Arlington.

Benefits (for Eligible Businesses)

Virginia is consistently ranked as one of the most business-friendly states in the nation. There are a variety of State and local tax and industry-relaxed benefits as well as incentives for new job creation. Our team will work with you to ensure your business receives all the benefits for which it’s eligible.

Tenant Build-out Process Review

Construction and build-outs of new and existing commercial spaces take time and require that you adhere to all the correct procedures. This process can be unnecessarily prolonged if done incorrectly. With the proper guidance from our team, we’ll ensure your interaction with the County’s Inspection Services Division to comply with all relevant building codes and zoning ordinances goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Workforce Development and Assistance Programs

One of the main benefits of doing business in Arlington is access to the County’s smart, creative, highly-educated workforce — a prized commodity for successful organizations. When you need to hire new employees, reach out to us to take advantage of our network of regional workforce partners. We regularly assist companies with specific hiring needs by connecting them to the Arlington Employment Center’s free services, providing business and employee relocation information, facilitating employee orientation programs to become acquainted with the community and developing customized transportation programs with Arlington Transportation Partners to make your employees’ commutes stress-free. 

Promotional Assistance for Public Announcements, Groundbreakings and Other Ceremonies

We can help your business gain the attention it deserves by working with you to take advantage of key press and media exposure opportunities, circulate major announcements, plan groundbreakings and other ceremonies, and feature news about your company on our website and e-newsletters.

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