Relocation Assistance

Moving a company is no easy task, however Arlington Economic Development (AED) is dedicated to relieving the stresses associated with a large relocation. AED understands that employee retention is critical to a successful transition, and we take our role in a company’s relocation seriously. 

Should your company find that Arlington is the ideal location, AED will work with your internal transition team to ensure a positive relocation experience. We are nimble, efficient and can customize relocation services to meet your company’s needs. 

Employee Recruitment, Training and Retention

AED offers tools to help companies retain as many employees as possible during a relocation and can facilitate connections with local and regional partners to make hiring new employees simple. Potential services include:

  • Workforce development assistance
  • Area familiarization materials, presentations and tours
  • Branded orientation website
  • Onsite resource center materials and services

Regional Integration

AED offers services allowing companies to seamlessly transition operations to their new location and feel welcome in the region’s diverse business community. Examples include:

  • Introductions to notable local and regional organizations
  • Employee welcome celebration and media promotion
  • Arlington Transportation Partners transportation and commuting assistance

Relocation Case Studies

AED has aided many notable companies in their relocations to Arlington. Learn more about those companies and the services that AED provided.

Interested in relocating? Please contact Marian Marquez, Director, Business Investment Group at [email protected] or (703) 228-0807.

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