Nonprofit Organizations & Associations

Arlington is home to many nationally recognized nonprofit organizations and associations. With our unparalleled access to the Washington Region and Capitol Hill, Arlington is an ideal home for nonprofit organizations and associations focused on mission based advocacy, research and social investment.

Arlington's Nonprofit & Association Ecosystem

Facts and Figures

  • Arlington is home to nearly 300 nonprofit organizations and associations, which combine to employ more than 8,700 people.
  • The highest concentration of employees is in the Ballston neighborhood, with the Crystal City, Courthouse, and Rosslyn neighborhoods also being home to significant clusters.
  • The nonprofit sector employs over 230,000 in Virginia, which accounts for over 8% of the state's workforce.
  • Arlington is specifically home to a concentration of nonprofits and associations focused on agricultural, environmental, military, and scientific issues.

Industry Employment Density Map


Why Arlington

Decision Makers

Capitol Hill is a quick trip from anywhere in Arlington, affording easy access to the nation’s policymakers.

Welcoming Business Environment

In 2019, Virginia was named as the Top State for Business by CNBC for the its world-class workforce, high-performing education system, and business friendly regulations. Additionally, Arlington was ranked as the second easiest place for business operations by Arizona State University's Doing Business North America report, which highlighted the County's regulations for employing workers, paying taxes, and starting a business.

Highly Skilled Workforce

Arlington is the most educated county in the nation, with over 70% of adults holding a Bachelor's degree or higher, offering employers access to a talented workforce.

Accessible Hospitality

With over 11,200 hotel keys and 320,000 SF of conference space, Arlington offers an array of options for hosting events and guests.



National Organizations

Local Grant Opportunities

Registering a Nonprofit



Arlington's Industrial Development Authority (IDA) Performance Grants

  • To help recruit or retain large, priority economic development projects typically over 50,000 square feet in size.
  • Eligible industries include large office users, corporate headquarters, fast-growing tech companies, and important research, federal or nonprofit organizations.
  • Award amounts are determined by the project's estimated fiscal benefit to Arlington County based on the company's industry, square footage, capital investment, and number and salary of jobs.
  • Grants are only used when Arlington faces active and realistic competition with another jurisdiction.

Arlington's Revenue Bond Financing Program

  • Arlington can help qualified tax-exempt organizations finance new or expanded facilities at reduced rates through the tax-exempt Revenue Bond Program.


For more information on these programs and a full list of incentives offered by Arlington County and the Commonwealth of Virginia, please click here.


Learn More

For more information on Arlington's nonprofit & association industry, please contact Sindy Yeh, Senior Business Ambassador, Business Investment Group at (703) 228-0858 or [email protected].

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