International ​Education

Arlington’s residents are diverse, sophisticated, and highly educated. Arlington’s Public Schools children speak 98 languages and hail from 126 countries. The top three foreign languages spoken in local homes are Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. The diverse ethnic culture is demonstrated around Arlington in retail markets, restaurants, religious services, community pockets and various other ways.

Due to the increase in demand and interest for an international education, the Washington area also has four private, international schools for kindergarten to grade 12, and more than 30 language immersion programs throughout the public school systems. Many public schools systems are integrating the Foreign Language at Elementary School program to teach foreign languages starting at the kindergarten level. Additionally, three private schools – German School, Lycee Rochambeau French International School, and the Washington International School – provide full immersion programs teaching German, French, and Spanish language and culture.

There are also more than 50 colleges and universities in the Washington area offering advanced degrees in practically every subject. Due to Arlington’s location, it offers convenient access to some of the most established higher education institutions in the country such as Georgetown University, the George Washington University, American University, and George Mason University.

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