Return on Creativity: An Arlington Asset

  • Sep 24, 2021

One Year One MonthArlington Economic Development's Return on Creativity Series features professionals and educators who are leading business and workforce growth through the application of creativity.

This creativity is driven through talent availability, process improvements and innovative solutions.

Return on Creativity programs offer networking opportunities, first-hand insights an compelling evidence that Arlington is an accelerator to personal and organizational growth and prosperity.





             For visionary business leaders, investing in the arts can help their companies stand out to current and future employees and other stakeholders.

— Art is Good for Business by Shellie Karabell: Strategy + Business


Return on Creativity: New Lunch Hour Interactive Discussions

October 14, 2021


How is the return to office going? Join us for an interactive discussion on challenges that are facing business leaders - and the creative approaches they take to solve problems.

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Previous Topics

Return on Creativity: Art Is Good for Business

Join a panel of curators, collectors and community leaders who are fostering an ecosystem of vibrancy and business development through art collecting. As companies strive to attract talent and differentiate their business models, more are engaging the arts to thrive and set themselves apart.

Return on Creativity: Return on the Future

A one day conference focusing on the future through discussion with thought leaders about branding, the customer experience, the workplace, placemaking, artificial intelligence and the future consumer.

Return on Creativity: Leadership Lesson from the Front Lines (of business)

Leading people and solving problems often requires a creative approach that deviates the textbook norms. We'll explore how leadership experiences gained by serving in the military have helped grown companies from the perspective of small, start-up and large business leaders.

Fred Wellman of ScoutComms moderated the panel

Ron Owens (LMO), Kevin Jennings (Millennium Corp), Isaac Barnes (Eminent IT), Patty Collins (McChrystal Group),Sam Meek (Sandboxx) and Jennifer Tender (ManTech International).

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