Market Your Small Business

Market Your Small Business

This is the fifth step in the How To Start a Business series.

Whew! You’ve done so very much already. There's just one more step to go. Now it's time to let the public know what you offer and why they should do business with you.

This is where marketing comes in. You will need a good marketing plan to be successful. A good marketing plan clearly defines your target market and your marketing strategy. It explains the four P's: your product, its position in the market, its pricing and how you plan to promote your business. It outlines your budget and provides a detailed action plan which  clearly defines how you plan to attract and retain customers.

Just like you did when working on your business plan, it's often easier to find an existing plan and customize it, then to start from scratch.  

  1. Review the key elements of a marketing plan
  2. Find a sample plan to use as a template (Plan A | Plan B | Plan C)
  3. Customize the plan to your needs
  4. Review your marketing plan with your mentor or advisor

Don't forget to include the free marketing and promotional opportunities offered by BizLaunch in your mix.

Congratulations! You've written your business plan, determined your financing, hired professional advisors, investigated applicable tax and licensing requirements and drafted your marketing plan. Now its time to launch your business!

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