Small Business Roundtable: Attracting and Supporting Working Parents

Raising children has always been hard work. Raising children and maintaining a career is even more difficult, as the costs of childcare and childrearing continue to rise in this county. As new research has revealed, a flexible, family-friendly workplace increases innovation and talent retention by motivating staff, reducing staff turnover, helping to attract new staff, reducing workplace stress, and generally enhancing worker satisfaction and productivity. What’s more, creating a great work experience for parents and parents-to-be can bolster a company’s diversity and inclusion, and help to close the gender wage gap.

Join Whytni Kernodle, human rights attorney, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion coach and CEO of Arlington Independent Media, as she provides insight on how to create an inclusive and supportive work environment that can help you retain your current workforce and build a culture that attracts a diverse range of candidates, including working moms and dads. 


Virtual Event