Hispanics in Action: Celebrating History and Culture Through Business

September 15, 2022 | By Yeykin Valenzuela


With more people embracing the cultures and stories of their native countries, it’s a wonderful time to celebrate our global community's diverse businesses and entrepreneurship. During this Hispanic Heritage Month, we will be highlighting the work of area Latin American entrepreneurs and how their multi-faceted cultures have inspired them to become business owners. Arlington County consists of 15% Spanish speakers; in this group of people, we can find endless stories, experiences, knowledge, and cultures. And with assistance from the BizLaunch en Español program, which provides daily business interactions with Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs, quite a few of these individuals with unique knowledge and passion have turned those skills into successful business ventures. 

BizLaunch en Español has worked with a variety of industries in Arlington from restaurants, cleaning companies, beauty salons, and much more. Guiding entrepreneurs on the right path has become one of the most important aspects of the BizLaunch team.  

Out of the Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs who have been helped, several were not native English speakers or possessed the tools to navigate the Internet before reaching out to BizLaunch. For that reason, the BizLaunch en Español program has been an excellent resource for people who own a business or want to open one in Arlington County.  

Conveying Culture  

Our Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs often highlight their unique cultures through the businesses they open. For example, Los Chamacos, Café Sazón, and other restaurants shared their gastronomy with the community. Lyon Park Barber Shop and others in the beauty industry shared their vision of creative styling.  The Cleaning Crew and BEJ Cleaning Services shared their work ethic and responsibility when cleaning houses throughout Arlington. And, La Union Grocery, Garden of Dreams, and MTB’s Early Enrichment Center shared their passion to serve the community. These are just a few examples of entrepreneurs who used their individual cultures, their values, beliefs, and innovative style throughout their businesses.  

As these entrepreneurs have shared their culture with the community, BizLaunch en Español is committed to being able to share available resources easily and directly to the Spanish speaking community. Reliable information is crucial for people who have a dream to excel in this country. Therefore, having access to a program in Spanish has been rewarding and helpful for entrepreneurs in Arlington’s diverse Hispanic community. 

What’s Next? 

During this Hispanic Heritage Month, we celebrate the triumph of Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs in Arlington. Guidance from a coach is a key tool in aiding entrepreneurs to reach their business objectives. Small businesses can take full advantage of the various resources offered by BizLaunch en Español. To learn inspiring stories from entrepreneurs in the area and to utilize all of the BizLaunch resources, we invite you to our upcoming Brunch and Business: Celebrating Dynamic Hispanic Entrepreneurs, where we will highlight successful Hispanic-owned businesses in Arlington through a panel discussion and networking